[ein]geprägt - Täter. Opfer. Menschen.

Marked - Perpetrators. Victims. Human Beings.
10 portraits

Christoph Feurstein is known for his empathetic and in-depth interviews with people in extraordinary circumstances.


Beginning with Gerti Jones, the Austrian woman who married an American Death-row inmate and whom Feurstein accompanied for three years,
and including Denis Zequai, the 16 year old who went underground to avoid his deportation to Kosovo -
in "Marked" Feurstein recounts the unforgettable stories of people who are at times victims, at times perpetrators but always undeniably human.

These are the portraits of people whose life marked them and whose stories leave an indelible mark in our mind.


Seitenblicke - Buchpräsentation am Wiener Naschmarkt


Rede von Gerti Jones


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