Every Monday at 9:10pm (on ORF 2) "Thema" informs about current events and people's lives and fates that move us all.
Main anchor, Karl-Renner-Award winner Christoph Feurstein and will present "Thema" three times a month. 

The "Top Story" begins the broadcast. It deals with the event, the theme, that people currently speak and write about. The "Top Story" presents the biggest challenge for the "Thema"-Crew: Events that began shortly before or during the weekend have to be captured fully and quickly, remaining newsworthy while including background information. Ideally "Thema" features one up-to-date report, as well as a more thorough background investigation.

Following the "Top Story"– unless there are stories, which naturally follow and connect to the "Top Story" - "Thema" shows a segment called "This Week's Focal Point". This segment has always been a viewer's favorite. It widens the scope of a current topic. It is a signature contribution to the broadcast.

Towards the end of the broadcast, "Thema" features interesting, colorful and exotic stories from all parts of the world. "Thema" remains committed to satisfying viewers' interests in worldwide events, by keeping up with tradition of years past and committing a large portion of segments to reports from abroad.